Death of a Nation

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Study Guide – Mod One
Ice Breakers ( & 1. When
2. Purpose

sh is ar stu ed d vi y re aC s ou ou rc rs e eH w er as
co m Sic Key Elements of Effective Meeting
1. Clear purpose and agenda
2. Agreed-upon process
3. Information presented in meaningful and organized way
4. Effective recording
5. Effective facilitation
6. Closure and consensus

Group Stages (Tuckman’s see p27)
1. Groups go through various stages and can move back and forth between them depending on the dynamics and situations of the group.
2. Forming
3. Storming
4. Norming
5. Performing
6. Adjourning


Chapter One
1. What is a Group?
a. Characteristics
i. Goals ii. Interdependence iii. Interpersonal Interactions iv. Perception of Membership
v. Structured Relationships vi. Mutual Influence vii. Motivation
b. Group Vs. Aggregate
c. Primary Groups Vs. Work Groups
2. Importance of Groups(pp12-14) (you should know reasons listed and how they apply to you) 3. Group Structure
a. Roles
i. “A set of expectations governing the appropriate behavior of an occupant of a position towards occupants of other related positions.” (p15) ii. Often formally appointed at other times they informal iii. Their purpose is to regulate group behavior and help meet group goals iv. Role Conflict:

SP2750-E1 Mod01


Mr. Koole


sh is ar stu ed d vi y re aC s ou ou rc rs e eH w er as
co m Two individuals in their role: Contradictory Expectations
Same individual functioning in two roles: Demands of one role are incompatible with another role
v. Status (even perceived status) of an individual affects their influence and functioning of group.
b. Norms
i. The group’s common (agreed to) beliefs about appropriate…...

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