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Deal V. Spears

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Sibbie Deal was an employee of the White Oaks Package Store, located in Arkansas (Twomey, 2010, pg. 631-633). The store is owned and operated by Newell and Juanita Spears (Twomey, 2010, pg. 631-633). Newell and Juanita are husband and wife (Twomey, 2010, pg. 631-633). Their residence is directly adjacent to the liquor store. On or about April 21, 1990, the liquor store was burglarized and approximately $16,000.00 was stolen. The Spears suspected that the theft might have been an "inside job" orchestrated by one of the employees of the liquor store. Both Newell and Juanita indicated in their testimony that they suspected Sibbie Deal of being involved in the theft (Twomey, 2010, pg. 631-633). The Spears decided that they would use a recording device to monitor the telephone calls to and from the liquor store (Twomey, 2010, pg. 631). They hoped that an employee would make an admission about the theft (Toomey, 2010, pg. 631-633). Newell Spears in his deposition stated that he asked a Sheriff's Department Investigator named Cope his opinion about recording calls at the liquor store. Investigator Cope responded that he did not "see anything wrong with that (Twomey, 2010, pg. 631-633). “ The testimony of the Spears indicates that the taping also served to monitor the number of personal calls made by the employees of the liquor store (Twomey, 2010, pg. 631-633).
Newell Spears purchased a recording device to intercept and record telephone calls to and from the liquor store (Twomey, 2010, pg. 631-633). This machine did not work as he had hoped, so he purchased a second machine. The second recording device was hooked up in the Spears' residence. The liquor store and the residence shared a single telephone line (Twomey, 2010, pg. 631-633). The residence contained an extension of the business telephone line (Twomey, 2010, pg. 631-633). The recording machine used…...

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