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A. Having watched the film “Dead Poets Society”, discuss the notion of the importance of liberal arts.

Liberal arts, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, are areas of study that are intended to give you general knowledge, rather than to develop specific skills needed for a profession. To simplify the definition, liberal arts enhances the intellectual capacities of the person, it enhances his/her reasons and judgement. This movie did and did not really show the real ideals of the importance of liberal arts.

As stated in the definition, liberal arts enhances the person’s reasons and judgement, the film did a good job with the development of the characters but there is no enhancement of judgement (of the characters) present in the film. Dead Poets Society, for me, did not really show me the real meaning of liberal arts because of the way the characters decide for their own fate. For example is Neil Perry, because of his amusement to the new teacher (Mr. Keating), he joined the bandwagon and went to acting even though his parents doesn’t allow him to. I know people might contradict me with do-want-you-want statement but I will argue with them about know the consequences of your actions and decisions and how it will affect the people around you. (I know there is a theory about that but I already forgot what it is.) Todd did warn Neil about what will happen but Neil insisted. Another from Neil is him killing himself, Mr. Keating told them, “ ‘….what good amid these O me, O life?’, answer, that you are here – that life exists and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse, what will you verse be?” Neil killing himself is just wasting his life, just because his parents does not support him in acting does not mean he will just kill himself. Liberal arts – thinking critically, enhancing judgements – did Neil exercise what he learned…...

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