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DEA Research Project

• Read carefully pages 374-382 on Data envelopment Analysis (DEA). • Select 5 airlines from the database (can be major, regional, international, domestic). • Select at least 5 inputs and 5 outputs for these airlines for the last five years(these criteria should clearly be justified in your report). • Adopt DEA – clearly explaining your methodology. • Rank these airlines for each of the latest 5 years– state which ones are efficient and which ones are not. • Are these rankings stable over the five years? How the rankings are being shifted? • For those that are not efficient what is the source of inefficiencies according to the input/output criteria that you have selected. • Allowable time 5 weeks.


A report addressing all the above + LP files as attachments (pasted in your document).

Grading criteria:

DEA Research Paper

|Criteria |Total Grade |Your Grade |
|Selection of inputs/outputs justify their |15 | |
|selections | | |
|Adopt DEA – clearly explaining your |15 | |
|methodology | | |
|Rank the airlines/ analyses |10 | |
|Analyses of rankings over the years |10 | |
|Report |10 | |
|Sample LP models |5…...

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