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Instructions on the types of
You will need to identify in the exam.

Camera Shots, Angles and Movement

|Camera & Lens Movements |
| |
|Tracking Shot (Dollying): Camera on track moving in and out (Tracking) of the subject |
|Tilt Shot: Fixed camera position, moving up and down (Tilting) the subject |
|Pan Shot: Fixed camera position, swiveling (Panning) left to right of (or with) the subject |
|Zoom Shot: Fixed camera position, zooming in and out of the subject (Lens not camera) |
|Steadicam: Camera attached to a person, which follows the subject's movement. |
|Hand-Held Cam: A light camera, often giving a jerky, ragged effect. Gives the sense of realism |

|Camera Shots (Framing) |
| | | |
|Long Shot (LS): |Mid Shot (MS): |Close up (CU): |
|Whole subject (Head to toe) |Waist Up |Head & Shoulders/Features |
| | | |
|[pic] |[pic] |[pic] |

|Camera Angles |
| | |
|Birds Eye View: |Establishing Shot |
|Shot straight down on to subject (Overhead) |Sets the scene/setting used as opening shot |
|[pic] |[pic] |
| | |
|High Angle Shot: |Low Angle Shot: |
|Looking diagonally down at the subject |Looking diagonally up at the subject |
|[pic] |[pic] |
| | |
|Two Shot: |Canted Shot: |
|Two people in shot |Camera at an angle, off balance |
|[pic] |[pic] |
| | |
|Point of View Shot (POV): |Over the Shoulder Shot: |
|Shot as the line of sight of the subject (Eye level) |Shot behind a person of who the subject is talking to |
|[pic] |[pic] |
| |
|Wide Angle Shot: |
|Used for group shots |
|[pic] |

|Additional Learning |
| |
|Eye-Level Shot: Camera at subjects eye-level. |
|Cut-In: Shows another part (aside from the face/head) of the subject in detail. |
|Crane Shot: A dolly shot in the air using a crane (or jib), it can move up/down/left/right & swoop in. |
|Aerial Shot: Exciting variation of a crane shot, usually taken from a helicopter. |
|Medium Long Shot (MLS): Everything except subject’s feet/lower leg. |
|Worms Eye View: Shot straight up at subject (Ground level) |
|Extreme Long Shot (ELS): Subject is in the distance |
|Medium Close Up (MCU): Chest/Stomach up |
|Extreme Close Up (ECU): Face/Main features |…...

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