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Cyberhub Internet Cafe

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Republic of the Philippines
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In partial Fulfilment of the
Course Requirements in

Mr. Ferigrino Urbano

Marco Joseph Bernacer
Bernardo Balic
Nelson Galang
Timtus Oliver Torres
Jaydee Nilo
Merberth Silvestre
Joey Gutierrez

September 19, 2011


This Project Feasibility Study entitled “A FEASIBILITY STUDY ON THE PROPOSED CYBERHUB INTERNET SHOP”, prepared and submitted by Marco Joseph Bernacer, Bernardo Balic, Nelson Galang, Timtus Oliver Torres, Jaydee Nilo, Merberth Silvestre, and Joey Gutierrez, in partial fulfilment on the requirements in the subject PROJECT FEASIBILITY STUDY has been examined and recommended for Oral Examination.

Accepted for Oral Examination

Mr. Felipe E Balaria

Panel Members

Mrs. Mercedes Santos Ms. Joy Nacino Mr. Juvenal Yabut

Accepted in partial fulfilment of the requirements in the subject PROJECT FEASIBILITY STUDY.

Mr. Ferigrino Urbano

Ms. Jocelyn Cruz
Dean. CMBT

The researchers would like to extend their special appreciation to the following persons:
Mr Ferigrino M. Urbano, their feasibility study Adviser, for his guidance and unwavering support;
Miss Cherry Hernandez, owner of Kanuto’s Internet Shop for the information she furnished the researchers;
Mr and Mrs Carlos Pajarillaga, owner of the boarding house, for accommodating the researchers during the preparation of the project;
They will never forget the Lord who gave them all the knowledge and strength.

The Researchers


To our parents, brothers, and sisters;
To our loved ones;


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