Cyber Security and Its Challenges to Society

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Cyber security and its challenges to society
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Introduction: 3 Why is cyber security important? 4 The Impact of Cyber Security 5 The Cultural Impact 5 The Official Impact 5 The Solution Impact 5 Defining Cyber Security 6 Technology & Modern Life 6 What is Cyberspace? 6 What is Cyber Warfare? 6 Cyber is not Hype 7 What Cyber Security Isn’t 7 Cyber-crime 8 Types of Cyber-crimes 8 Hacking: 8 Theft: 8 Cyber Stalking: 9 Identity Theft: 9 Malicious Software: 9 Child soliciting and Abuse: 9 Cyber Bullying 10 Causes of Cyber-crime 10 History of Cyber-crime 10 Cyber-crime in Modern Society 11 Categories of Cyber-crime 11 Individual: 12 Property: 12 Government: 12 How to Tackle Cyber-crime 12 RECENT SURVEY ISSUES ON CYBER SECURITY TRENDS 14 Mobile Devices and Apps 14 Social Media Networking 14 Cloud Computing 14 Protect systems rather Information 15 New Platforms and Devices 15 Everything Physical can be Digital 15 Survey Questions 16 Conclusion 16

Cyber Security and its Challenges to Society
Over the past several years, experts and policy makers have expressed increasing concerns about protecting internet from cyber-attacks—deliberate attempts by unauthorized persons to access. Many experts expect the number and severity of cyber-attacks to increase over the next several years. The act of protecting internet, computer systems and their contents has come to be known as cyber security. Abroad and arguably somewhat fuzzy concept, cyber security can be a useful term but tends to defy precise definition. It usually refers to one or more of three things: * A set of activities and other measures intended to protect—from attack, disruption, or other threats—computers,…...

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