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Section A: Personal Information
In this section the author would like to gather personal information from respondents.
(Please tick “X” at appropriate response.)
Q1. What is your age?

Below 21 years||21-30 years||||
31-40 years||Above 41||||

Q2. What Gender?


Q3. What programme are u undergoing currently at Twintech?

Master degree||Diploma||Others||
Bachelor degree||SPM|| ||

The section below is seeking the Attitude of students towards acceptance of e-learning to the e-learning system used by institution. Respondents are asked to indicate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with each statement using 5 Likert scale [(1) = strongly disagree; (2) = disagree; (3) = neutral; (4) = agree and (5) = strongly agree] response framework. Please put an “X” to the BOX to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements.

No|Questions|Strongly Disagree|Disagree|Neutral|Agree|Strongly Agree|
A1|I feel at ease using e-learning provided by my institution.||||||
A2|I tend to feel convince and accept the e-learning system into my life style.||||||
A3|I feel convince that, e-learning will enhance my education skill.||||||
A4|I feel the e-learning system, attracts me to my institution.||||||
A5|I generally believe in the e-learning system as it makes learning less stressful.|||||


Section C: internet
This section is seeking the how internet has become a strategic tool that influences students choice of tertiary institution . Respondents are asked to indicate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with each statement using 5 Likert scale [(1) = strongly disagree; (2) = disagree; (3) = neutral; (4) = agree and (5) = strongly agree] response framework. Please put an “X” to the BOX to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements.

No|Questions|Strongly Disagree|Disagree|Neutral|Agree|Strongly Agree|
I1|I believe the availability of internet facility within my institution is utmost important.||||||
I2|I believe the provision of a good and fast internet is what I considered as reliable internet system which makes me comfortable while learning||||||
I3|I believe internet can make my interaction within co-student easy within the institution.||||||
I4|I believe a successful e-learning system is build around internet provision||||||
Section D: Environment
This section is to look at how internal and external environment influence the use of information system. Respondents are asked to indicate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with each statement using 5 Likert scale [(1) = strongly disagree; (2) = disagree; (3) = neutral; (4) = agree and (5) = strongly agree]

No|Questions|Strongly Disagree|Disagree|Neutral|Agree|Strongly Agree|
E1|I believe that use of information system is influenced by the constant change in the environment due to technology advancement ||||||
E2|I considered e-learning as a tool because it can make my learning easier in aspect of school work from where ever I am||||||
E3|I believe that this advance technology would help make my environment a more conducive atmosphere for learning||||||
E4|I believe this advance technology bridges the gap between the educators and i. ||||||
E5|I feel confident, because e-learning makes me access my school activities from where I am.|||||
This section seeks to highlight that, users perception of e-learning is affected by their reasoning .Respondents are asked to indicate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with each statement using 5 Likert scale [(1) = strongly disagree; (2) =
No|Questions|Strongly Disagree|Disagree|Neutral|Agree|Strongly Agree|
C1|I feel confident tha use of information system in learning will make my learning more interactive.||||||
C2|I have a positive perception towards the acceptance of e-learning within the institution||||||
C3|I feel confident because e-learning is attractive means of learning||||||
C4|I fully accept the idea of e-learning that it eases learning process.||||||
; (3) = neutral; (4) = agree and (5) = strongly agree] response framework. Please put an “X” to the BOX to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements.

Section F: Economy
This section is e-learning influences the economy. Respondents are asked to indicate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with each statement using 5 Likert scale [(1) = strongly disagree; (2) = disagree; (3) = neutral; (4) = agree and (5) = strongly agree] response framework. Please put an “X” to the BOX to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements.

No|Questions|Strongly Disagree|Disagree|Neutral|Agree|Strongly Agree|
E1|This e-learning is considered as a means of survival for my institution||||||
E2|This e-learning has made it possible for institution to adapt to present changing environment.||||||
E3|This e-learning has effectively link made me acquire more knowledge efficiently and as well cost wise.||||||
E4|This e-learning institution is well known in terms of consumer orientation||||||
E5|The e-learning helps me in self-manage education |||||

Section I: Technology
This section is seeking e-learning technology on how it makes it a tool.. Respondents are asked to indicate the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with each statement using 5 Likert scale [(1) = strongly disagree; (2) = disagree; (3) = neutral; (4) = agree and (5) = strongly agree] response framework. Please put an “X” to the BOX to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements.

No|Questions|Strongly Disagree|Disagree|Neutral|Agree|Strongly Agree|
T1|I believe that advanced technology can provide the desired learning process||||||
T2|I believe that this e-learning system using advanced technology would helpus to access the information quickly and efficiently.||||||
T3|I believe that this advance technology would help speed up the learning criteria by my institution||||||
T4|I believe this advance technology would enable smooth learning process within the classroom setting.||||||
T5|I feel confident, because my institution uses advanced technology to process learning process.||||||
T6|I believe that advanced technology can provide the desired learning within my institution.|||||


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