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Customer feedback systems (CFS) are extremely useful in capturing the voice of the customer. A good CFS makes it easy for them to give feedback, and in addition enables effective service recovery and establish appropriate compensation levels. These allow an assessment and benchmarking of of the service quality and performance, drive learning and improvements, and create a customer service oriented service culture.

When capturing the voice of the customer, many tools are available, such as market surveys, service feedback forms, mystery shopping and focus group discussions. The reason why a whole variety of tools have been developed is that they each have different strengths and weaknesses. Service marketers need to tailor and select a relevant mix of tools to jointly deliver the needed information. For instance, total market surveys and annual surveys measure satisfaction with all major customer service processes at a high level in order to obtain a global indicator of overall service satisfaction. However, they do not tell whether customers are happy or unhappy. They are also brief and unable to address issues in greater detail due to the sheer scope covered. Transactional surveys on the other hand are conducted after a specific service has been completed like immediately after a meal. This allows a more in depth questioning and could include open ended questions such as what you like best or like worst to improve the service. It is more actionable and tells whether the customer is happy or not.

Service feedback forms can be done physically or online or even via the phone after completion of a service process. These indicate process quality but a word of caution here as it tends to be over represented by dissatisfied customers who are more likely to complain.

Some companies also use mystery shoppers to check on frontline staff. This tool can provide…...

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