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It is frustrating to think that my family might suffer from my information having been stolen. I have served 25 years in the United States Army, was deployed to Iraq in 2005, 2008, and 2010. My wife also teaches kindergarten in DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activities), and the country put all my love ones in the crosshairs. My wife and I received our letters from the Office of Personnel Management informing us that our personal information was compromised in the data breach that happened in June of 2015. The latest numbers on the OPM breach are roughly 19.7 million security clearance applicants, 2 million family and friends, and 4.2 million federal employees.
Regarding sheer size, the breach of the Office of Personnel Management database, may not be the biggest we have ever seen, but regarding depth and breadth and the nature of the sensitive personal information extracted by hacker or hackers somewhat unknown, it eclipses anything the United States have seen to date. Practically every day there is another headline heralding the discovery of the compromise of another business or agency. The reactions on the part of Soldiers, family members, and department of defense workers are the same; disbelief, sadness, outrage, and worried. It is a shock to the world that our government could have been this careless with no encryption, no two-factor authentication, improper data segmentation, insufficient training, and failure to implement upgrades in a timely fashion.
If you would like the names of the U.S. special operators, you may want to avoid the experience of hitting an impenetrable wall by the Freedom of Information Act and just ask the Chinese government instead. Last…...

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