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Cub Food Stores – Unit 4 Exercise
Team B
The name CUB stands for "Consumers United for Buying" and was founded by Minnesota-based Hooley’s Supermarkets in 1968 and then purchased by SuperValu in 1980. Cub’s was one of the first total discount food stores in the United States. “CUB shoppers enjoy low prices on a variety of top-quality name-brand products and the freshest produce, meats, seafood and baked goods available. For total convenience, most CUB stores are open 24 hours a day and offer more than 35,000 items, full-service pharmacies and in-store banking.” (, 2012)
Cub’s is one of the many superstores in the United States that has directly affected the way consumers shop for groceries and household goods. Low prices, smart marketing, and sheer size encourage shoppers to spend far more money than they do in the average supermarket. (Peter & Olson, 2010)
1. List at least five marketing tactics Cub Foods employs in its stores to increase the probability of purchases.
Cub stores stock double the selection of conventional stores, mixing staples with luxury, ethnic, and hard-to-find foods. The arrangement of the products within the store allows for consumers to give into impulse buying before they choose their essential items and reach their budget limit. The entry alley, also known as the power alley is lined two stories high and features discounted specials. The store’s ceiling joists and girders are exposed, giving the subliminal feeling of all the spaciousness up above. Paul Suneson, director of marketing research for Cub’s parent company, SuperValu, says the design of the inside of the building “suggests there’s massive buying going on that translates in a shopper’s mind that there’s tremendous savings going on as well.” Wider-than-usual shopping carts, which are intended to suggest expansive buying, fit well into their wide aisles, which…...

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