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Csr Social Responsibility

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Values, Ethics and Business
International MBA - Antai College of Economics & Management,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Oct 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility: The Bhopal
Gas Tragedy

Five Past Midnight in Bhopal

What happened on the night of
December 2nd-3rd 1984 in

A Tragedy

Water enters IC storage tank 610. The refrigeration unit, which should have kept the MIC close to 0°Celsius, is shut off.

The water triggers off an exothermic runaway reaction and consequently the release of the lethal gas mixture, a poisonous cloud of MIC, hydrogen cyanide, monomethylamine, carbon monoxide and possibly 20 other chemicals.

The cloud of gas envelops the city like an arc of over 20 square kms before the residents could run away.

No stock of antidote is available. The composition of the poisonous cloud is not known.
Up to 10,000 people may have died.

The Causes

What are the causes of this tragedy?

Viewed from the Context

Overconfidence in the production technology, leading to the choice of a dangerous process;
Overcapacity of the plant, leading to excess storage of a dangerous product;
Bad economic performance, leading to disinterest and disinvestment;
Bad management, leading to dangerous cost reductions;
Insufficient safety training and standards, leading to unskilled behaviour.

Human act

Causal Chain
With such a causal chain, a catastrophe is bound to occur.
It appears a criminal act due to systematic negligence.
The responsibility of the corporation is strong.
This is the perspective of survivors and activists.

Viewed from the Act


An act of sabotage, leading to an un-expectable event;


A negligent worker, leading to a breach of standards;…...

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