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Nimiah C. Dayao

During our group meeting, we actually imagined that our activity would be that organized or every plan will be done accordingly but when we get there, some or should I say none of it was followed. At Manila Boys town, we met young boys and girls and teenage girls. I choose to entertain first the young boys. There, I met Jonathan. Then I went to the group of young girls and met July. Suddenly, the teenage girls came. I decided to be with them until the activity is finished. We initiate different activity. First, we started with a prayer. Then, we gave them some coloring materials and watch them work as a team. Actually, they are not that humble or approchable to their mates but they share their materials. Then we proceed to games, we start with dancing. We group ourselves and dance the song of Story Book. They know the song and the choreography of it so it becomes easy for us to finish that activity. They request different song; we play Nae Nae and Twerk It like Miley. They are really good dancers. Next, we do Stop Dance. They all got prizes. Next, we give them some foods. While watching them eating, they give us some pick up lines about love life. I’m actually shocked not because they are so young for that but because they are inside a convent-like place then they somehow act contrary to what I expect. After that, they need to leave because they still have classes. The young boys were left. They offer a song for us, which is the tagalong version of Dance with My Father Again. They are not good singers but I feel the ignorance they have about how it feels to have father. We clean up our mess then leave with smiles that were given by those kids. We are still lucky though we experience more challenging life outside because we have those people that will approach us if we fail. Those children were abandoned by their parents yet they still smile and look at the better side of being abandoned. I wish that there will be no more children that will be abandoned.…...

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