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Critical Information Systems: UPS America

The United Parcels Service (UPS) is a corporation specializing in the collection and delivery of packages around the world. What helped this private message and delivery service go from running errands and delivering packages of anything ranging from notes and baggage to trays of food on foot or bicycles for longer distances to routing packages and servicing areas in 200 nations worldwide? It was the company’s ability to adapt with the changing of times and information technology. In keeping up with the technology age UPS’s information systems helped take them to the top. Those systems are DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device), COMPASS (Computerized Operations Monitoring, Planning and Scheduling System), and UPSnet.
United Parcel Service was started in 1907 by James E. Casey. Originally the company was named American Messenger Company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Jim and his partner, Claude Ryan, had one goal. That was to provide their customers with reliable, around the clock service at low-rates and the utmost respect and courtesy. Even today those principles are embedded deep in UPS and summed up in the company’s slogan: best service and lowest rates. Six years later the company began to receive stiff competition after the introduction of the automobile. The company soon acquired their first automobile and established the first consolidated delivery technique, which is the combing of packages addressed to the same area or neighborhood onto one delivery vehicle. The next several decades would prove to be trying for the company. Despite economic woes WWII might have caused and the trends that may have followed afterward, the company still continued to grow widening its range to department stores in Newark, New Jersey and New York City on the east coast. By the 1980’s UPS had risen from two…...

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