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| Crime in the United States | Data Analysis Project | | Brad Davidson | | 12/2/2010 |


Executive Summary
This purpose of this report is to answer the question, “what variables affect the level of crime in the United States?” With so many possible influences, the goal of this analysis will be to narrow the scope to the items which we feel will be most statistically significant when gauging the effect on the level of crime. The regression analysis methodology is best suited for this analysis since it can identify the influences of the different variables from past data and provide an equation to predict future values with an associated level of accuracy. The result of the analysis could then be shared with local and national representatives to help focus efforts on reducing the overall crime level and improve public safety. This report contains the following: (1) Brief introduction of the study, (2) Statistical Methodology, (3) Preliminary Analysis of the Data, (4) Regression Analysis, (5) Forecast, and (6) Conclusion.

The current social climate in the United States was the motivation behind this analysis. With the current mid-term elections, there were many topics that would seem unsettling to most individuals and it’s our perception that most feel more unsafe now than say 10-15 years ago. Granted there are many factors that contribute to this type of fear or uneasiness, but one that we decided to investigate was related to crime rate in the United States since it could impact anyone. If we could identify key factors that would help us predict the crime rate in the United States, that may shed a light on what programs the current local, state and national administrations could implement that would contribute to a improved feeling of safety and/or comfort as a result of less crime. When researching possible factors…...

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