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Increased Awareness for
Visitors of Bushfire Prone
Design Thinking Report
Task 1 – “What Is?”
ENT60005 Creativity and Innovation
Assignment 2: Creative Problem Solving
Assignment Group Members:
Ivonne Milano
Jeffrey Vanderveen
Raja Sekhar Ravi
Isaac Husain
Aditya Vaggani


Executive Summary
Visitors, particularly international travellers to regional Victoria are often unaware of and are illprepared for the fire hazards posed by the dry Australian country side. Early warning and response are critical in improving the chance of escape and survival from a bushfire event.
Previous bushfire events including the recent fires in the Cape Otways, Great Ocean Road, Victoria
(December 2015/January 2016) caused widespread devastation and impaired access into and out of the main towns. Many visitors to these areas were caught in the event and were unsure as how best to respond and what action to take.
This report presents the findings from the investigation into the observed problem of the lack of awareness of bushfire hazards and risks amongst visitors of regional Victoria. The report describes how the Group has come to a better understanding of the problem through the use of various
Design Thinking and Lean UX tools and approaches.
The application of the tools has identified invaluable insights into the customer’s needs which provided the Group with the confidence to better define the problem statement.
The process also assisted in the identification of key metrics that the Group can use to drive an optimum problem-solution fit. These metrics shall be refined and used to measure the solution’s success. 2

Executive Summary………………………………………………………………………………………………………….2

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