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Product Name: Marshmallow Mystery
Overview: Marshmallow Mystery will be a very healthy cereal that contains 11 essential vitamins and mineral in each serving. The ingredients in Marshmallow Mystery will still consist of the core ingredients of the products the company is currently producing. The new item that will be added to the cereal is a colorless marshmallows. The mini marshmallow flavors will be banana, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and cherry. The consumer will not be able to tell which flavor they have until they take a bite.
Target Audience: The target market that Marshmallow Mystery is focusing on children from the age of 2 to teenage year. Marshmallow Mystery will be a healthy cereal with very little added sugar. It will offer the children all the vitamins and minerals they need but do so in a unique way. The key reaction of the target audience is that they will quickly fall for the cereal. The plan is to do a trail period and see how quickly the new brand is picked up by the consumers.
Competitive Position: At the current time the company has several competitors in the market in which we are trying to promote our new cereal. The competitors are Lucky Charms, Marshmallow Pebbles, Marshmallow Shapes, and Marshmallow Dreams. Marshmallow Mystery will stand out among the competitors brand because no other company offers colorless dye marshmallows and also can become a mystery game for the child.
Advertising Objective: New campaign to increase brand awareness and demand of the Marshallow Mystery. The advertising tone should be trustworthy, modern, and tasty.
Message Guidelines: The cereal box will be yellow with a cartoon question mark that says, “Marshmallow Mystery… A Surprise in Every Bite!” This saying will become the logo of the Marshmallow Mystery brand.
Outcome of the Project: The goal of producing Marshmallow Mystery is to…...

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