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Money is nothing and money is everything. Money takes very important role in our society. People cannot imagine life without them. Even little kid knows that he can buy most desired thing for money. Money is a special good which performs a role of global equivalent by expressing value of all other goods. Nowadays we can pay for services in cash, checks, and bank cards. In Slovak republic, like everywhere else, real circulation represents notes, coins and paper money. In this work is analyzed where did the money come from, evolution, what caused their appearance, how they have been accepted in society then. What factors influenced the development of trade exchange and measure as it is today. So, where did the money which is so important in our lives come from?


Definition of money 3
Theories of money origin 4
Prehistoric material money 5
Prehistoric metal money 7
First coins 8
Money in Slovakia 10
Money before 1993 10
Money in Slovakia after 1993 11
Slovakia and Euro 11
Conclusions 13
References 14

Definition of money

In essence, to satisfy our need we produce goods and provide services (or just do what we need to do). And papers which are called money do not bring any direct benefit. Doubled company’s products, we become richer, but if we print more money we do not become richer at all. With this example we can show that money is totally irrelevant thing. On the other hand, money and financial institutions related to them are very important; money is a much better exchange unit, simplifies all the troubles of exchange and barter-specific costs. If we surrendered monetary system we would lose current exchange mechanism, in economy would prevail chaos, and would be difficult to determine what good is worth of another and with a division of labor, full production capacity wouldn’t be reached without…...

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