Corporation as a Psychopath

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Topic: Do you agree with the film's diagnosis that the corporation is a psychopath?

Psychopathy in a psychiatry terms refers to a personal disorder. Later the name 'psychopathy' was changed to ' personality disorder' due to its inability to grow any attachment or lack of empathy. It is hard to say if the cause of this mental disorder is genetic or it resulted from a previously experienced trauma. The very important characteristic of a psychopath is their ability to successfully deceive people with their main motive being unrevealed.

In the documentary movie by M. Achbar, J. Abbott, and J. Bakan the term 'psychopath' is used to describe the big corporations of our time. A corporation might not be a person but it is controlled by the people at the top and everything depends on their ethical standards and morales. If they fail to maintain it at an appropriate level the corporation becomes a psychopath in itself.

Now I would like to discuss the characteristics of a psychopath listed by DSM with a reference to th corporations:
Failure to conform to social norms: here, lawful behavior is the key topic. Psychopaths do not adapt their behavior to fit into the society, they rather look for an opening to use in order to fit the society to their behavior. So do the corporations. Very often corporations look for a situation (mostly in law) to take advantage of it using their workers as tools and means to reach their goal of power and profit.
Deceitfulness: deceiving others for one's own welfare, not restraining from conning and telling lies. Corrupted corporates very often refer to cons and lies in both inside and outside environments. A lie should originally start from the inside, by deceiving their workers they can deceive their customers and partners.
Impulsiveness, irresponsibility, and lack of of foresight. Psychopaths are impulsive and irresponsible,…...

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