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Consumption and Expenditure Patterns on Daily Meals of Students Who Are Residing in Dormitories

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A. Significance of the study
According to John Maynard Keynes, the discussion of consumption and expenditure are important to economics, environmentalism, geographical analysis, and many other fields. In this study, analyzing the food consumption and expenditure patterns of students away from home can be used for future implementation of university policies that would offer financial and other assistances for the students.
During 1998-1999, students in U.K. who are studying independently showed an upward shift in their expenditure pattern on food, bills, and other household expenses. This increase in the students’ expenditure is mostly because of inflation (Callender, 2000).
According to Callender (2000), 10% of these students said that they thought about dropping because of financial difficulties while three out of five students who are studying away from home thought that financial difficulties have negative effects on their studies. However, 86% of these students still believe that going to the university would benefit them financially in the long run
With this in mind, students will most likely to perform better in school if they can get some help regarding their financial difficulties. And since these students are away from their families, they resort in foods that are ready-to-eat and easy-to-cook meals which also add to their expenses and can have certain nutritional implication on them.
Palma (2002) said that more and more Filipinos eat less at home. Majority of these people includes working mothers, drivers, and students. According to her, five out of ten Filipinos eat at fast food chains, three to fine dining restaurants, and the rest to bakeshops and small food outlets or what are popularly known as carinderia. Fast foods became popular because it is very convenient for people who have many things to do and so little time to eat.…...

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