Consumer Behaviour of Shiseido's Customers

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I. Table of Contents

I. Table of Contents 2
II. Intoduction 3
III. Company Background 3
IV. Customer Profile - Fashion Conscious 4 - Price conscious 4 - Product feature conscious 5
V. Buying Behaviour - Fashion Conscious 5-8 - Price conscious 8-12 - Product feature conscious 13-16
VI. Recommendation 16-17
VII. References 18

II, Introduction
This project works on a well-known cosmetic brand – Shiseido. In the following parts, the project will evaluate the positions of SHISEIDO, the competitions within the industry, customer’s buying behavior (including their personalities) and their decision making process. We separated the customers mainly into three groups. They are (a) fashion followers, (b) price-conscious consumers and (c) consumers who focus on product features. Recommendations are made referring to the consumers’ profile.
III, Company Background
SHISEIDO is established in 1919, by a pharmacy launched in 1872. SHISEIDO then tried to develop different brands. It includes IPSA, CLE DE PEAU, ETTUSAIS, AQUA LABEL, MAJOLICA MAJORCA. In 1989, SHISEIDO make up was awarded with Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence/Astir Magazine Astir Award. It becomes one of the most famous global cosmetic brands in the world.
The core values of the company are “RICH”, “HUMAN SCIENCE” and “OMOTENASHI”. “RICH” means enriching our hearts and minds. “HUMAN SCIENCE” means enhancing beauty and Wellbeing. “The spirit of OMOTENASHI” means providing social and human care services to customers.
All the products and services are developed based on these. Through the three core values, SHESEIDO associates its brand with elegant and care.

IV, Customer Profile (AIO)
The consumers of Shiseido are classified by AIO (activities, interests and opinions) and were grouped into three categories, namely, fashion-conscious consumers, price-conscious consumers as well as…...

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