Consumer Behavior Paper and Questionnaire

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Consumer Behavior Paper and Questionnaire
Constance Ordish
May 7, 2012
Ruby A Rouse, PhD

Consumer Behavior Paper and Questionnaire
Most of the negative publicity found on the Internet about flavored cigarettes centers on the marketing of the cigarettes and not the product itself. Among smokers between ages 18 to 25 the cigarettes are met with warm welcome. Smokers welcome the change from normal cigarettes and like more flavor options to choose from.
The previous methods of marketing flavored cigarettes are under fire. It is commonly believed that the tobacco companies are targeting children and teenagers to hook these customers at a tender age to create lifelong consumers. “Collier County Health Department says it’s a shameless ploy that’s gaining steam. “They know that children are attracted to sweet products, and if they get them hooked on the sweet products then they have a lifetime user,” Rachel Kleist of the Collier County Health Department….According to a 2010 statewide survey, the candy-flavored tobacco trend is catching on. 17.6% of Collier County youth between the ages of 11 and 17 have tried it and 19.9% in Lee County.” ("Cigarette Flavours", 2012).
To counter the previous reputation of flavored cigarette marketing to children, Exotic Smokes will make every effort to develop a marketing campaign directed to smokers within its targeted consumer group and not any younger than 18. The ads will be presented only in magazines generally read by the target group and on late night television when children are expected not to be an audience. The product line will only be sold in specialty smoke shops and in facilities not frequented by children. It is the hopes that avoiding exposure to children and young teens, the negative publicity surrounding the marketing of flavored cigarettes will be kept at a minimum where Exotic Smokes product line is…...

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