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Consulting Assessment
Anthonia Onuorah
HRM/326 Employee Development
August 17, 2015
Richard Lab

Edmond Police Force – Service and Overarching Goals The Edmond Police Force is committed to making the community a safe place to live, work, and visit by providing trustworthy service. The all-encompassing goals of the Force are to continually strive to find ways to provide new and more effective police service. Partnering with the local community is a key component in keeping Edmond safe as the community continues to grow. Edmond Police Force is focused in keeping Edmond citizens informed and involved through crime prevention, personal safety education, school resource officers (SROs), an annual Citizens Police Academy, and an ongoing commitment to community relations.
Primary Service Focus of Edmond Police Force The primary focus of the Edmond Police Force amongst others is as follows:
Stopping Crime – from burglaries to muggings, Edmond police officers are set to respond as quickly as possible to avoid or limit damage to lives and property while restoring order at any given time.
Presence – Their presence in the community ensures citizens are at ease and safe while they are there to take action in emergency cases like terrorist attacks, stand offs, riots and civil disturbances.
Securing Areas – high risk areas of the metropolis are constantly on the radar of Edmond police and actively patrolled as ensuring safety lowers the likelihood of illegal activities. In the event of illegal activity adequate policing measures will be taken quickly to contain the situation.
Providing Assistance - Whether it's providing basic first aid, controlling traffic after a car accident or removing individuals that are acting inappropriately in a public setting, Edmond police officers are positioned to help solve problems for all citizens.
Preventing Problems – Another…...

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