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As indicated by Brown, D., Pryzwanski, W. B., & Schulte, A. C. (2006), when there are conflicting views in collaboration, the goals and procedures are apt to create misunderstandings: which can lead to resentment, in addition to confusing expectations and responsibilities. As explained by Ray (1978), “when change is presented, discussed, and planned, people will choose to change. In so doing, recognize the benefits of change.” Thus, seek a method for the change in a way people will yield to change efforts.
It is my opinion a change that this course has helped me to recognize is in my ability to self advocate for my needs in creating the change in my employment. For example, I have struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) that has gone undiagnosed until recently. ADD can certainly affect one's work life. In such a way as trouble remembering information, managing time, organizing and prioritizing, screening out distractions, and just getting started on tasks. This has caused extreme frustration in me and those I work with. My experience is when energy has been expended in an effort to control what's outside of us, this tends to drain us of vital energy and frustrates us even more. However, what seems like minor errors have accumulated to a point of this writer has been held to disciplinary actions at work as “unprofessional.” I would have to say, upon waking each day and throughout most my waking hours, I have varying degrees of anxiety. Upon waking, it is extreme, as to what I will face at work, that day. Not in the dealing with students, but in possible supervisor reprimands. As a result, I have sought professional help in this and now prescribed medication to help me with my difficulty with organization. In so doing, understand that the source of many of the challenges is ADD, not personal shortcomings. I agree there are changes to be made for me to become more organized. As a result, it is necessary to address some core ADD-related issues; such as those related to time management, organization, self-esteem, gain clarity and function more effectively and offer a safe environment in effort to let go of feelings of isolation. Therefore, provide an environment in which there is a nurturing connection with another person to eliminate the feelings of shame, guilt and fear that plagues me by being labeled “stupid”, “ditzy” or “irresponsible” which creates an emotional burden that can derail their actions, and throw me off course or even paralyzing me.
However, the changes are not just in my organization skills: but, there are several areas that necessitate my employer to change, their professionalism, so I am able to perform my job in a timely fashion, and work adequately and efficiently, without these necessary suffering. One such issue to resolve this is provision of a printer that works: thus allowing me the availability to print the well-timed notices that are necessary to send to those involved in a situation. Currently, the printers provided at work are constantly malfunctioning: this includes the teacher’s workroom, the one the in my office and the printer in the front office. Sometimes, the printers malfunction concurrently. This, results in having to delay actions until the printer is repaired so I am able will to print and send necessary documentation. Unfortunately, the repair may take an entire day, sometimes more, to be repaired and by the time it is repaired, there is an unnecessary delay my ability to function as I have to “catch-up” to what I have not been able to access the prior day(s). Thus, this causes me undue stress on my day to day functioning. One thing, for sure, I am requesting the necessary reliable printer. . Also, there are times when the printed document printed is not legible. Or at least, printed poorly and difficult to read. Another suggestion, I am making, is assistance in setting up my outlook account so I am able to produce a to-do list to remind me of the documents that need to be sent out. In so doing, I am advocating my needs to my employer for accommodations that will improve not only my organization skills but the ability to work in a timely matter.
Another issue encountered, is both my computers have malfunctioned at one time or another. At one point, both of them were not functioning properly. Efforts to have IT department to respond to fixing them has caused lapses in my ability to provide timely notice of a meeting. For example, when my laptop shut down, I sent an email, and mentioned this to both my supervisors and the IT dept. of the need to repair this. I use this laptop for scoring assessments and various files I may be working on. I am a patient person and felt at the time, it would be handled. I am not sure exactly sure when the laptop failed but there is documentation of a work order requested from October. Instead of a timely resolve, it took at least 4 months for them to pick it up for repair. Then, I was accused of breaking the computer and now they are charging me $562.00 for this. Other situation, which happens often, related to the network as an inability to access the internet because of repairs done on the network. I have to delay working on a program called IEPpro. This is when the IT dept must be trying to repair many of their issues. Or, when researching a disability or other resources, I am denied authorization to access sites: thus requiring me to submit a request to access this site. I am not even sure when or if this this has occurred because I am not notified. Other situations that have occurred in times I needed programs installed on my computer. I am not able to update or add programs necessary for my work. Thus the change necessary is in both my employers’ responsibility to provide adequate equipment to do my job.
Another issue I have encountered is that the site I am working at does not have a fax. At one point it briefly was functioning, another it didn’t; now it is certain, there is no fax machine at my site. Before though, I had no idea the fax was not functioning or if documents were sent to me were not received, therefore delaying timely action. As a result, I have changed the fax number for the sender to send to the fax to the district office. In the meantime, adding more unnecessary steps because I have to contact the provider to get them to resend a document because they were unable to send me the fax. Or wait to see if the district has received it. Other efforts to send documents were by mail or I have to ask another person to scan the document to their email and then have them email to me so I am able to send the document. All of which are timely delays, and frustration, that regulates my ability to functioning effectively. To fix this situation, if there is not a working fax at this site, I need an ability to scan my documents to send documentation. I am not sure how the responding party can adequately send them back to me. Unless requesting them to scan and send it to me, or mail.
I am sure there are other situations such as becoming “over-focused” and getting stuck in a particular activity or sidetracked by interruptions of a task at the cost of everything else. Just as being sidetracked by negative feedback from supervisors and that continually remind me of my inadequacies. Although, the school enforces the teachers to utilize a standard of 4 positives to 1 negative, this is not something they adhere to when working with staff. I am sure there are other issues that have not been mentioned but for brevity, and prevent perseverating and added frustration with the situation, I will stop here. However, I am taking the initiative to seek out assistance and show interest in furthering my ability to perform to expectations. I am not sure how this will be resolved, but it seems to be a step in the right direction. In so doing, I look forward to learning new methods that enhance time management in addition to communication skills. Within the short period of beginning this class, the reading assignments and discussion questions have prompted a renewed enthusiasm for leadership that is and my obligation to take action in developing and strengthening my skills to be an effective consultant.
One method found particularly helpful is the attempt to tailoring the consultant’s approach to that of the consultee’s worldview. This requires a mindfully consideration of the consultee’s values and analysis of their situation. As a result, participation in this class brings to mind a broader scope of understanding to include the consultant actively considering systems within and between organizations, their subsystems and their coordinating and discordant impact on the consultee’s (myself) client (the district), the community and beyond. Collaboration, while a feature of working in any clinical setting, now has greater significance when thinking about the consultant, consultee and organizational relationship in the context of community and politics. Another impressive contribution I have gained is the estimation of subsystems within systems and hidden agendas of those involved in and influenced by the consultation and consultee relationship. While I have had an awareness of these influences on the dynamics between service recipient and, service provider in this case, consultant and consultee, I have taken the degree systems and hidden agendas to influence success, for granted. Which up until now, I was not readily able to understand in drafting helpful interventions or perceptive of possible barriers to my success.
Brown, D., Pryzwanski, W. B., & Schulte, A. C. (2006). Psychological consultation and collaboration: Introduction to theory and practice (6th ed.). New York: Pearson.
Ray, R. G. (1997). Developing internal consultants. T + D, 51(7), 30-34. Retrieved from…...

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