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Constraction Manegment

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Q 1 Is management the same throughout the world? Is it the same throughout the organization? Is it the same across organizations? Why or why not?


✓ No it is not, why not throughout the world?

It is because management depend on

• Politics

• Culture of the society

• Economy and

• Other environmental facture

And also its half part is an art therefore depend on the managerial

• Practical knowledge

• Personal Skills

• Creativity

• Practice

• Goal oriented

✓ Why not throughout the organization? It is because management depend on the organizational rules, structure and goal of the organization. Also discussed above it depend on the manager knowledge, personal skill, creativity and practice.

✓ It is also not the same measurement from one side to other side of the organization according to the organizational behaver , measurement structure and also organization type

• Business organization

• Governmental organization

• Non –business organization (charity )

Q 2 Management is both a science and an art. Is one of these aspects more important than the other? Under what circumstances might one ingredient be more important than the other?

❖ science is more important than art :-

Management is the oldest of arts and the youngest of sciences. This explains the changing nature of management. It means that now a time management more scientific for doing fire.

❖ At the…...

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