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Conflict Intervention and Recommendation Paper
Whenever there are issues within a family that led to separation, as it has with the Patton family, professional intervention should be considered. The manner in which these issues are conflicts are confronted could determine the mental health of the family involved in the conflict. Conflict is a fact of life (Wilmot & Hocker, 2011). When conflict is handled in a timely manner mental health is improved and the likelihood of depression is dissipated. The Patton family is experiencing major issues because of the avoidance of conflict, and avoiding channels that could facilitate in resolving their conflicts. Professional intervention such as mediation, arbitration, and negotiation all have positive outlooks; however, they present challenges as well. This evaluation will consider each of these processes and determine which would be most effective in resolving the Patton families conflicts.
Evaluate The Benefits
Mediation has many advantages, it is a less expensive alternative than the docket in the courthouse. When considering the Patton family situation mediation encourages collaboration, and cooperation. They need to come together and start a dialogue between each family member. Conflict cannot resolve unless there is effective dialogue between the disputants. Mediation can respond to many concerns, when delving into the lives of the Patton's it is important that every issue is addressed not just the concerns of the parents, but many issues that Leigh has hidden to herself. Through mediation many creative means of resolution are possible because the channels of concerns are expressed openly. Each family member must be psychologically responsible for their behavior realizing their contribution to the conflicts and not avoiding their role of responsibility for the issues. Robert need to recognize that he is…...

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