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1) What will you do? Why?

All leaders have different values in their work; those little things that define

their leadership. However, leaders value loyalty over almost everything and they

don’t put up with someone that can’t keep confidences. I would keep the

confidence of my employers. Friends are important but your integrity is more

important. Once you have been trusted and found to be trustworthy, you will

be trusted with much more next time. When your superiors find out that someone

tried to get something from you and you didn’t crack; their estimation of you climbs

to a higher level. Your loyalty allows you to be entrusted with information and

decision-making authority in your organization. Loyal people who can keep secrets

become a hub within an organization.

Perhaps more than anything else, the difference between keeping

confidence and not keeping confidence is that those that are loyal become a hub

in an organization, while those that aren’t loyal are avoided. A lack of loyalty

shows self-serving characteristics that don’t help the organization and show that

your loyalty is shown to be to yourself alone. Here are some of the things that one

should consider when given the opportunity to keep confidences:

1. Stop asking others to keep secrets when you should keep them in the first

place. If you have to say, “You can’t tell anyone about this” then it’s a good

sign that you shouldn’t tell them that information in the first place.

2. Started saying “I trust your judgment with who should know this.” Instead of

swearing people to secrecy. Over time you find who you can trust and who

you can’t with confidences.

3. Keeping confidences of a leader by defending the leader’s confidence is a

great way to establish loyalty. The leader may discover that the confidence

was kept…...

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