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Final Conclusion Memo
Team B:
Nov 10, 2011

* Introduction
The research conducted provided information to support the team’s collaborative efforts to provide a cause for the wage disparity between men and women. Credible information such as, the U.S. Census Bureau has presented statistics on women’s and men’s earnings for several decades. By analyzing a series of data, it was feasible to understand the trends in the wages. According to research analysis prepared by Consad Research Corporation, there is a difference. In pay directly associated with gender that dates back to three decades (Consad Research Corporation, 2011). Confidence Interval In addition to the Consad Research, information includes addressing data analysis using descriptive statistics, which included central tendency, dispersion, and skew data and statistical data using graphic and tabular techniques, was provided. A confidence interval was also computed to support the team’s conclusion. From our research the confidence interval is M 73.0 – 4.8 = 69.1 < M 73.9 > 73.9+ 4.8= 78.7Females earn 73.9% + 4.87 of male wages.
The formulated problem statement supports a series of data collected from comparable scenarios. When we used statiscal analysis to project or reflect the earnings of women and men, we found no evidence on which we could base a prediction for a closing (or widening) wage gap. In essence, the findings support for the two lines to remain parallel, although the 90% confidence intervals (the range within which we are 90% certain the actual future earnings will fall) do not overlap. Final Conclusion
Businesses where they proudly announce their motto, or mission state confidently that the wage gap does not reflect discrimination. However; studies suggest…...

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