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Manager of the media department: Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Phuong
Viettel Group
Tel.: 04.833.833
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The introduction of Hotline for Vietnamese protection abroad
Hanoi, 10/26/2015

Viettle Group is pleased to announce that from 27 of October, 2015, the operator serving Vietnamese civilians in foreign countries, located in No.69, Chua Lang Street, launched by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Viettel Group officially opens. Vietnamese citizens in the foreign countries can make a call phone to the number 00. 844.11.699.699 to ask for an assistance. The operator is on 24/24 and solve all questions of Vietnamese civilians in foreign countries.
The supportive areas include: providing information, answering the procedures in the Vietnamese Embassy all over the world, accidental situations in foreign countries such as missing passport, sickness, accidents, being captured or detained. Besides, the operator receives information about disasters, instructs civilian to overcome accidents in diaster. We also support fishmen when being restricted, suspected, captured to a foreign country, robbed or meeting pirates in foreign sea.
Vietnamses people oversea can look up for contacts of Viet Nam’s Embassy as well as other departments belong to the Foreign Affairs to handle problems related to internal issue, leaving the country and other problems oversea.
The call to the operator will be counted as any other incoming call to Viet Nam. The capacity of the operator now is up to 1500 calls per day. Viettel believes that we can meet any technological demand.
The process when the operater can not handle the situation in a call is: record the call, request to transfer to the Consular Department, ask for the help…...

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