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My observation of a communication event that I experienced:
When I was younger my Dad was always showing me how to do handy things like how to change a lightbulb or how to change your sprinkler heads. One time in particular that I remember, he was showing me how to change a tire on my bike. He showed me the whole process, all the tools I would need and all the steps needed to complete the task. Once he had finished changing the tire on my bike he put all the tools away and told me to replicate what he had just did so he knew that I had learned it. By getting me involved in the work and having me do it without his direct help gave me experience and allowed me to practice what he had just taught me. This helped us develop the great relationship that we have today.

Concept named and defined:
(Chapter 15, Parent Child Relationships) Over the course of the family life cycle, communication between parents and children evolves as new events occur. It is during this time that the dialectical tensions between autonomy and connection are perhaps the strongest. In the beginning of their lives children are totally dependent on the parents to provide for them and look out for their best interests. In the United States, many parents begin teaching children at a young age to become independent. Children are encouraged to learn to eat by themselves, pick out their own clothes, and to explore their individual interests in sports and other extracurricular activities. But even while encouraging independence, many parents simultaneously reinforce the message that they are still connected to their children. Providing children with cellular telephones is one strategy currently used by parents to stay connected as their children explore autonomy. Basically, parents want their children to learn to do thing on their own. One way my Dad did this was by showing me first and then letting…...

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