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he essence of this review is to make known of some other research made in relevance to the project topic. Many researchers have made some findings on how this problem can be solved and achieve the objective of the subject.
As many tertiary institutions as have chosen to pursue the dynamic educational options available online, the advantages of e-learning are now many. As people of this generation become more dependent on the internet for information, the need for an online clearance system becomes more apparent. The skills needed to access and comprehend information online are becoming commonplace, and the flexibility of wireless computing means that any coffee shop, airport or bedroom can become a classroom. Online courses, registrations, clearance have few, if any scheduling restrictions, wellintegrated learning resources and competitive degree options, with an online clearance system. [14].
Online system has become a central element of the discourse on higher education [2]. There seems to be an overall derive towards online system given the mountain need for flexibility in scheduling and the daily emergency of communication technology and capabilities [10].
Online system is presented as a means of conveying instruction to an extensive learning community any place at any time
[2]. Indicate that adequate designate online learning as the driving force and model for transformation in teaching, learning and formal schooling online course has the potential to provide learner individualized attention by the instructor, otherwise impossible in a large classroom environment (environmental education and training partnership 2006). With the continued development of online system applications, many colleges and Universities have begun to offer online courses as an alternative to traditional face-to-face instructions. 67% of colleges and universities agreed that…...

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Help the social world. (9) 7. d Of the four statements, the one that best reflects Herbert Spencer’s views on charity is “The poor are the weakest members of society and if society intervenes to help them, it is interrupting the natural process of social evolution.” While many contemporaries of Spencer’s were appalled by his views, the wealthy industrialists found them attractive. (10) 8. b The proletariat is the large group of workers who are exploited by the small group of capitalists who own the means of production, according to Karl Marx. (11) 9. a Durkheim believed that social factors, patterns of behavior that characterize a social group, explain many types of behavior, including suicide rates. (12) 10. b In his research on suicide rates, Durkheim found that individuals’ integration into their social groups influences the overall patterns of suicide between groups. He called this concept social integration. (12) 11. a In response to the development of the new, impersonal industrial society, Durkheim suggested that new social groups be created to stand between the state and the family. He believed this would address the condition of anomie. (12) 12. c Max Weber's research on the rise of capitalism identified religious beliefs as the key. (13) 13. d All are correct. Replication helps researchers overcome distortions that values can cause, results can be compared when a study is repeated, and replication involves the repetition of a study by other researchers. (14) 14. c......

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...each chapter showing the relevance of accounting for a real entrepreneur. An Entrepreneurial Decision problem at the end of the assignments returns to this feature with a mini-case. Larson−Wild−Chiappetta: Fundamental Accounting Principles, Seventeenth Edition 1. Accounting in Business Text © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2004 Chapter Preview A Preview opens each chapter with a summary of topics covered. Today’s world is one of information—its preparation, communication, analysis, and use. Accounting is at the heart of this information age. Knowledge of accounting gives us career opportunities and the insight to take advantage of them. By studying this book, you will learn about concepts, procedures, and analyses that will help you make better decisions throughout your life. In this chapter we describe accounting, the users and uses of accounting information, the forms and activities of organizations, and several accounting principles. We also introduce transaction analysis and financial statements. Accounting in Business Importance of Accounting • Accounting information users • Opportunities in accounting Fundamentals of Accounting • Ethics—key concept • Generally accepted accounting principles Transaction Analysis • Accounting equation • Transaction analysis— illustrated Financial Statements • Income statement • Statement of owner’s equity • Balance sheet • Statement of cash flows Importance of Accounting communication and access to......

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