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Comparison Between the Analects and Confessions

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Comparison between the Analects and Confessions
Both St. Augustine’s Confessions and Confucius’s Analects are important teachings that have great influence on people around the world in the ancient time and nowadays. Both doctrines discuss ethical values of the society back in the time as we can find some similarities between the two. However, there are significant differences between Confucius and St. Augustine’s experiences and believes since they are living in different environment at time period. Their profound differences are the factors that contributed to shape the distinct cultures between the West and the East today.
Confucius taught us to love others from the within the family to everyone else in the society. A man’s character was fostered from his role as a son in the family (Analects I, 2). He should be obedient to his parent, and to be respectful to his father’s way when he is living and even after death (I, 11). One of the differences between St. Augustine’s Confessions and Confucius’s Analects is the treatment of one within the family. A good son, according to Confucius, should always obey his parents, not complain, and stay reverent in any situations (IV, 18). His “never fail to comply” teachings was opposite to St. Augustine’s belief. In Confessions, St. Augustine admitted his parents expected in him a lot, and sacrificed for his future. Although his father was praised for providing St. Augustine financial support for his education even more than richer men did for their sons, he did not care what characters St. Augustine would developed through his education (Confessions, II, 5). Unlike the attitude towards his father, St. Augustine showed more respect for the mother, Monica, since she was a Christian (II, 6). However, St. Augustine criticized his mother for her failure to hold him back from his sexual desire (II, 8), but together with his…...

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