Compare and Contrast Popular Fried Chicken Food Chains

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Home Work #1: Compare and Contrast Popular Fried Chicken Fast Food Chains.
When researching to see the types of social media each of the fried chicken fast food chains utilize, I noticed that the five chains all used Facebook, and twitter to communicate with their customers. The second most commonly used social media outlet is Instagram. For the exception of Chick-fil-a and Popeyes, Instagram is used by the fast-food chains to show their customers photos of new products being released and the types of food they serve. Chick-fil-a, KFC, Popeyes, and Bojangles all use YouTube to interact with their customers. They show commercials and interactions with their customers. Lastly, Bojangles is the only fast food chain to use Pinterest as a part of their social media. Chick-fil-a website offers information about their menu, online food orders, about the company and applying, press releases, a meal calculator to calculate your calorie in-take, how they utilize their Cow mascot, meals for children and family activities/ tips, the locations where you can find Chick-fil-a, Frequently Asked Questions, and Social media outlets.
KFC’s website offers information about their menu, social media interactions, catering/ online food orders, coupons, press releases, their foundation, history, privacy policies, their nutritional information, you can also change the information to be changed to Spanish, which is an indication that they have a large market of Spanish speakers. Popeyes offers information about their menu, history of their company, press releases, upcoming events mailing list, promotional deals on new products being offered, coupons, locator to find a Popeyes in your location, meals offered for children, franchise opportunity information, career opportunity, contact information and information about their stock/ investor relations.
Churches Chicken offers…...

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