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A well respected English author once wrote that nursing is a passionate profession and is akin to a fever in the blood[1], with the hard work and long hours fading in importance against the vocational rewards. But community nursing has shown how the nursing profession is no longer viewed as merely hard work and long hours, it has illustrated nursing is a skill, a crucial facet of government health strategy, and a social and medical science. This passion extends from hard work and includes the profession shifting its core functions providing a flexible service that meets the changing health and social needs of society. The rewards to the profession and the community include personalized and case specific localized care, health program implementation, and guiding improved social trends at the ‘coal face’. Community based nursing is now at the forefront of social awareness and this important benefit is discussed throughout this essay.

This essay focuses on the importance of community based nursing to the profession looking at aspects such as the role’s expanded influence on social trends, analysis, palliative care, outreach to vulnerable groups, and program implementation to the wider community. These functions in combination play a key role in ensuring this aspect of the nursing profession is effective in prevention and in tune with society’s needs.

Community based nursing comprises several fields of expertise, including community health, public health, home health, and community mental health nursing. This essay looks at the collective benefits of these and the resulting influence brought to patients and the medical profession. The link between community nursing and progression of the medical profession in targeting the broader population is discussed, including community health education targeting vulnerable groups[2].

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