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Com 150 Week 8 Exercise Formatting Academic Papers Crossword Puzzle

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To Buy This material Click below link Exercise: Formatting Academic Papers Crossword Puzzle
· Resources: Axia College’s Writing Style Handbook and the Axia College Writing Resources Web Site
· Review the Ch. 1 of Axia College’s Writing Style Handbook and Documenting Sources at or at the Axia College Writing Resources Web site.
· Access the Formatting Academic Papers Crossword Puzzle at · Complete the puzzle using the clues provided.
· Send a screenshot of the completed puzzle to your instructor. o Taking a screenshot on a computer using Windows
· Press Alt + Print Screen on your computer keyboard to create a screenshot. o Some laptops may require Alt + Fn + Print Screen, as space is limited and multiple functions may be assigned to each key (key location varies based upon the manufacturer and model).
· Open a blank Microsoft® Word document.
· Press Ctrl + V on your computer keyboard to paste the screenshot into the Word document.
· Save the Word document. o Taking a screenshot on a Macintosh-based computer
· Press Command + Control + Shift + 3 on your computer keyboard to create a screenshot.
· Open a blank Microsoft® Word document.
· Press Command + V on your computer keyboard to paste the screenshot into the Word document.
· Save the Word document.
· Post the Word document to your Individual forum as an attachment.
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