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In middle 1992 Colgate-palmolive (CP) introduced a new toothbrush model ,called Precision, and it was expected to be announced during 1993.Susan Steinberg ,Precision product manager, had now the dilemma how to position,brand and communicate their new product.Would it be a niche,super-premium product or would it be a mainstream professional product?Would the name of the new toothbrush follow standard naming conventions or would they make a revolution and call it “Precision by colgate”?Should the company increase their advertising budget so that they will inform people about gum diseases?All these questions were about to be answered as soon as possible by Steinberg so that Colgate-Palmolive would become the new major oral-care health company by launching Precision toothbrush to the market.


1.What is changing in the toothbrush category?Assess Colgate Palmolive's competitive position.

In 1991 U.S Oral care market total sales were about $2.9 billion and had an annual increase rate of about 6.1% since 1986.Toothbrush companies changed the way that millions of people brush their teeth ,and managed to make toothbrush a not only necessary but also stylish good for people.Since the middle 80's, consumers became more concerned about their oral health care and were constantly increasing their purchase frequency.For this reason companies were focusing on giving maximum help to consumers,offering them various types of toothbrushes;each type based on what each consumer demands from her toothbrush.
Toothbrush companies have changed many things in toothbrushes.Most of the changes are not only in the function of the toothbrush but also in how pleasant feeling is when brushing teeth.Oral-B offered indicator bristles,Jonhson and Johnson offers angled neck,Procter and Gamble's Crest complete ad rippled bristle design and Smithkline Beecham's…...

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