Classic Airlines Marketing Solution

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Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
Michael R. Engler
7 May 2012
Professor Alan Mandel

Classic Airlines Marketing Solution
Classic Airlines is currently in a state of declining demand and the marketing team has been given the mandate not only to identify the underlying problems but also to find a workable solution that meets the company’s objectives (University of Phoenix, 2005). The marketing team has decided to use an aggressive problem-solving model that includes the following nine-step process: * Describe the situation * Frame the right problem * Describe the end-state and goals * Identify alternatives * Evaluate alternatives * Identify and assess risks * Make the decision * Develop and implement the solution * Evaluate results (University of Phoenix, 2004).
The following paragraphs discuss each step taken through the problem-solving process and presents the final solution.
Step 1. Describe the Situation
Accurately describing the situation facing Classic Airlines requires reviewing the scenario, collecting information from available sources including stakeholders, and creating a problem statement that reflects the reality of situation. It is necessary to explore the whole picture and understand the context without making assumptions to paint a true picture of the situation (University of Phoenix, 2004).
As a result of reviewing the available information, the marketing team has determined that Classic Airlines has seen a 10% decrease in share prices over the past year. Both consumer confidence and employee morale appear to be on the decline. A poor economy coupled with negative press concerning the airline industry has resulted in public negativity. Although 62% of customers surveyed are satisfied with the level of customer service, 68% would not recommend the company’s Classic Rewards program to a…...

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