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IT Strategy 1

IT Strategy Plan Part 1

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November 1, 2015

keeping the company steered in the direction of the vision and mission of the company. The president provides the resources for projects. Bradt (2013) wrote, “ CEO run companies.”
The Vice President of Operations/COO is second in command in the company. He gives support to the president’s focus and ideas. Bennett and Miles wrote (2006), “The COO is there to help make the CEO’s vision a reality.” He is responsible for the day-to-day operation in a company. According to a TechTarget article, “creating operations strategy and policies to employees” can also be the responsibility of the COO (“Chief,” 2013). The

IT Strategy 4 duties of a COO vary from organization to organization, because their duties depend on the CEO/President.
The CIO is responsible for keeping IT projects in alignment with business strategy. He selects the IT management team for IT projects. This is a very important task, because he relies on these managers to keep projects moving along. He is the leader and sets the tone for the whole IT organization. Their role is to help increase the value of the company and keep projects on track by keeping managers and employees focused on the business strategy. As part of the IT governance team, he can explain how technology would increase the organization’s value reduce costs, and how it can be done
The Sales Manager is responsible to help increase sale of products and this is done by helping the sale team meet their quota. They are also responsible to make sure individuals are trained and know the company’s business strategies. The sales manager knows what products sell, what customers want, and whether customers are satisfied. The sales manager’s information helps in deciding what projects to choose.…...

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