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Target markets: iPhone’s marketing strategy is to differentiate the iPhone from other PDA’s on the market. One of our primary customer targets is the middle-upper income professional that need one portable device to coordinate their busy schedules and communicate with colleagues, friends and family. Our secondary consumer targets are high school, college and graduate students who need one portable multifunction device. Mainly this market will be replacing their iPod and cell phone with the iPhone.

Our primary business target is to partner with large cell phone service providers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Cellular One; As well as large enterprise software firms where information is critical to the end user. Are secondary business target is mid-to mid-size corporations that want to help managers and employees stay in communication or access critical data on the go. This market segment will consist of companies with $10-$50 million in annual sales. These are entrepreneurs and small business owner who need an all-in-one device for work and play.

Positioning: Using product differentiation, we are positioning the iPhone as the versatile, convenient, value-added device for personal and professional use. The marketing strategy will focus on the convenience of having one device for communication, but also music, pictures, and video, and full Internet access. The iPhone will be promoted as both professional and hip.
Product: The iPhone will have a full year warranty along with an optional three-year Apple Care warranty. We will package the iPhone as tastefully as all Apple products are. Special editions of the iPhone will also be introduced including the iPhone Beatles Edition celebrating the 40th anniversary of Sgt Pepper. We will be shipping in 2008 a cheaper less advanced iPhone along more advanced version of the iPhone designed for professionals with these…...

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...SHOULD THE ABSENT PARENT PAY CHILD SUPPORT?? Shakira Gibson Week 10 Mrs. Fergie Tuesday C Did you know that there is over $100 Billion in accumulated unpaid support owed to over 18 million children in the United States, according to the Federal Office of Child Support in the Preliminary Statistics in 2003 (, 1). Introducing my body paragraphs, I will be addressing why absent parents should pay child support, the effects of the children, and the struggles of a single parent. If the parent is present or not they should support their child/children. The government currently spends $500 million dollars per year chasing payments from absent parents, of whom 95 per cent are fathers (Rowena Mason, Telegraph July 13, 2012).If you are not taking the necessary precautions to prevent from bringing a child into the world, then by every means necessary you should help contribute to the care of that child. There is no excuse as to why you cannot get a job or a hustle to help out. I know that some people have ego's the size of a globe or their pride gets in the way of them getting a job at a restaurant, grocery store, mall and etc. However, when you bring a child into the world all of that should be put aside to help with the financial support of your child. The child did not ask to be here, you made the choice to bare responsibility for that child. If both parents are doing......

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...decisions on child custody cases dealing with same sex parents have to update themselves with the new laws dealing with same sex relationships. Some judges end up getting their cases overturned if they are not attentive to the new laws. Invitro also has had some complications with the rights of the parents. In all the children’s welfare is the most important thing in these situations. Same sex parents have equal parental rights as the standard male and female parents. After they split and have a child or children involved they can end up having a custody battle. Judges have to be very careful and be very educated on this matter in order not to end having their judgment overturned because they simply violated the other parent’s constitutional rights. This happened in a case I read about dealing with a same sex couple that split up and had a child. The partner of a lesbian birth mother in a civil partnership can now be considered in law to be the child's second parent, if the child was born after 6 April 2009, and can be named on the child's birth certificate ( The male sperm donor did not want to be involved at all. This just left the two ladies battling it out for parental rights. The female that carried the child thought she had all the legal rights as the parent but it played out differently. The court ruled that the female that was the egg donor had equal parental rights. They are still working out the visitation and child......

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...Child Support Obligations By Kenneth Smith Family Law For Ms. Pamela Katz Yes, child support obligations should be based on the biological and legal relationship between an adult and a child. I believe that even when the biological father only has sexual intercourse with the child’s mother once and never had any relationship with the mother or child; the individual should have a moral and legal obligation to support the child. According to Blackstone, “The duty of parents to provide for the maintenance of their children is a principle of natural law; an obligation laid on them into the world; for they would be in the highest manner injurious to their issue, if they only gave their children life, that they might afterwards see them perish. By begetting them, therefore, they have entered into a voluntary obligation, to endeavor, as far as in them lies, that life which they have bestowed shall be supported and preserved. Thus the children will have a perfect right of receiving maintenance from their parents, Blackstone, P.447.” By engaging in a sexual relationship parents make the voluntary decision to create a life. Therefore, they should be held accountable for the maintenance of that life. In my opinion it is immoral and unethical to have a child outside of a marriage. However, if a person chooses to engage in sexual intercourse and as a result conceive a child, then they run the chance of having a kid......

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...Infancy 0 – 3 years When a baby is born it has neck muscles that are weak and cannot support the baby’s head. When a baby is held it is important to support the head otherwise it will fall backwards and this can cause the baby pain. At this stage the baby doesn’t have back muscles so therefore cannot sit up. If a baby at this age is put on their stomach they will lie with their knees up to their abdomen. New born babies have an automatic reflex action called the grasp reflex. At this age the baby is still short sighted and will follow people and objects in front of them but will spend a lot of their time looking at their hands. Babies that are newborn start their intellectual development by exploring using their sense though sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. A newborn baby will use body movements to express pleasure when it is given to them. Newborn babies communicate with their arms and legs, they respond to high pitch noises with their eyes and when they are hungry and in need of something they cry, they also cry if they are lonely or need comforting. Around one month old the baby recognises their parents and begin to smile when they are seen. 3 Months At this stage the baby starts gaining control of their head as the neck muscles are becoming stronger so when the baby is pulling into a sitting position or picked up there is little head lag. Also at this stage the baby can sit with their back fairly straight whilst being held and supported. When lying on their......

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...The goal of the Child Support Program is to combine these federal and state responsibilities and activities into an efficient machine that provides seven basic products: locating the absent parent, establishing paternity, establishing child support orders, reviewing and modifying orders, collecting and distributing support, promoting medical support, and enforcing child support across state lines. Each of these services deserves extensive discussion. Congress took additional action to improve paternity establishment in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993. The Family Support Act require states to review guidelines at least once every four years and have procedures for review and adjustments of orders, consistent with a plan indicating how and when child support orders are to be reviewed and adjusted. On October 16, 1985, The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) published regulations amending previous regulations and implementing section sixteen of public law 98-378. The 1975 Child Support require states to cooperate with other states in establishing paternity, locating absent parents, and securing compliance with court orders. The Alabama Child Support Enforcement Program (ACSEP) is a federal state and local partnership designed to get your child the financial and medical support he or she deserves. The program can assist in paternity establishment, location of parent, obtaining an order for child support, enforcement and collection of support. The ACSEP......

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...responsibilities cover an enormous amount of activities. This includes, health and social science research, preventing disease, including immunization services, assuring food and drug safety, Medicare (health insurance for elderly and disabled Americans) and Medicaid (health insurance for low-income people), health information technology, financial assistance and services for low-income families, improving maternal and infant health, head Start (pre-school education and services), faith-based and community initiatives, preventing child abuse and domestic violence, substance abuse treatment and prevention, services for older Americans, including home-delivered meals, comprehensive health services for Native Americans, and medical preparedness for emergencies, and potential terrorism (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2008). Day-to-day responsibilities The day-to-day operations of the DHHS has a breakdown by departments, which supports research on disease and health concerns through the National Institute of Health, which protects consumers from adulterated or untested foods and drugs through the Food and Drug Administration that implements public health measures and monitors the spread of infectious diseases through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration develops and analyzes information relating to the prevention and treatment of addictive and mental disorders. The Centers for Medicare......

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...2010 Child Support: Then and Now What is child support? According to, child support is defined as payment made for the support of the children of divorced or separated parents while the children are minors or until they reach an age set by the separation agreement or in a court order ( This argument will show the changes in child support over the last fifty years, along with statistics that show how many people are in need of child support. The research will also show what the current child support laws and enforcement regulations are at present day. Child support started as far back as 1935, with a program that provided Aid to Families with Dependent Children, also known as the AFDC, this program would help families that met the established federal need requirements, receive monthly minimum payments from the state. One requirement that would qualify a family to receive a monthly payment would be if a child was not being adequately supported by a parent that was not around, and not paying support (Morgan). Basically, these benefits that the families were receiving from the government were a substitute for child support. This was the start of child support laws and enforcement. It was not until 1974, that there were more changes to child support laws. At this time, child support was to be shifted from the money coming out of the taxpayers’ pockets to making the absent parent being the one responsible for paying for the needs of the child.......

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