Cheating Does Not Help Students Learn

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Cheating does not Help Students Learn Better

In the modern society, almost every student occasionally cheats during tests or exams. It is found more beneficial to cheat rather than study for upcoming examinations. Willfried Decoo argues that 70% of high school students in the United States have at least cheated once in their high school career. However people are not aware of the harmful side effects that cheating brings along such as its addiction, losing self-belief, and the trouble it can cause. Cheating does not help students learn better in their education, but it only harms them.

Cheating can be very addicting. It can make an individual think that cheating is the best and only way of getting a high grade in an exam or a test. It is commonly known that students will perform every possible way to stay floating in academic classes. For this reason, it is very likely for students to cheat in classes. The mind of an individual only starts to conclude that the only way of getting a high grade is to cheat. This is where the second topic links in and people feel like they cannot achieve a good grade without cheating.

Self-belief is a very important characteristic. Cheating however decreases that characteristic from an individual. After the addiction process is complete, people tend to lose confidence in studying. It is commonly thought that without cheating an individual wont be able to get a high grade. This occurs because people lose self-belief. Dependency occurs within an individual towards cheating. Every test becomes to seem like it is impossible to overcome without cheating throughout the test.

Out of all the problems cheating brings up, the most simple and common problem is getting in trouble. Getting caught while cheating will not only affects the teacher’s thoughts about the student but also will cancel your test scores. The embarrassment that it…...

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