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Character Traits of David Strorm

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The Chrysalids is a science fiction novel written by John Wyndham about a civilization that has become intolerant to any kind of deviation with regards to a person’s appearance or their abilities. The reader is introduced into another world called Waknuk by the main character, David Strorm. David is a ten year old boy when the novel opens and a sixteen year old as it closes. David is a telepath and is part of an exclusive group who is able to communicate with others with similar telepathic abilities. Being in the society of Waknuk which believes in having no deviants and all members of their society to follow and failure to meet the standards would mean death, David and his telepathic friends have to conceal their identities. David is a young man living a double life to save his own. He is curious, trustworthy, and a resourceful. He questions everything he is told and ignores what he is supposed to lawfully abide by.

David is curious and free-thinking. He doesn’t agree with the widely held belief that mutants are sinful and sent by the devil. He consistently questions the validity of The Definition of Man. David and his Uncle Axel want to prove to everyone in the world and all the people of Waknuk that everybody does not have to look the same or act the same or be the same in every way. Also due to his curious nature, David is the one to discover Sophie and her secret. He throws question after question at Sophie when they first meet, “’What’s your name?”(page 7) and ‘Where’s your home?’(page 7)” in an effort to gain more information about her and to satisfy his curiosity.

David is also trustworthy. He agreed to keep Sophie’s major secret of having six toes, thereby gaining both her and her parents’ trust, “Will you keep a secret-an important secret-for her sake?” (page 12). In addition, David keeps his deviation, as well as many others’, a secret…...

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