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Chapter 2 Answers Business Research Uma Sekaran

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Chapter 2 answers



Hallmark of scientific research is criteria must be in the researcher who want to offer a delight research and it is consist of tow mail categories:

1- Basic character: * Purposiveness: where we have clear defined variables. * Rigor: where we follow sharp and methodological method. * Testability: where we have a clear hypothetical statement contain all variables * Precision and confidence: closing the finding to the reality. * Objectivity: link all the steps in logical and honest way and interrupt the data according to the finding not to the hypothesis. 2- Hallmark character: * Replicability: where the model can be replicable into other studies . * Generalizability: where the model can use in a vary ways and could be a concept or a theory.



They are as the follow: example (a drop in sales objective)

1- Identify abroad problem area: like a drop in sales objectives. 2- Define the problem statement: by collecting some date from observation or through some literatures review. 3- Develop hypothesis: where we write all the variable and try to examine. (framework) 4- Determine measures: where we measure all variables. 5- Data collection: where we collect all the data about our research objectives. 6- Data analysis: where we analysis this data using statically techniques. 7- Data interpretation: where we conclude that our data are matches with our hypotheses or not.



All of them doing both of applied and and basic research where it depends on the objective of their research where it is for solving a specific problem as applied research or for create a knowledge as a basic research.



Deductive method (deductive reasoning):

Where we start with general theory and then apply the theory to specific case (applied…...

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