Chapel Hill Light Rail Expansion Plans

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I. Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: Goals of the Study
Page 2: Peer Corridor Descriptions Charlotte
Salt Lake City
Page 5: Economic Indicators Property Values Business Development Transportation Times and Costs
Environmental Indicators Air Quality Indexes (AQI)
Carbon Monoxide Concentration Trends
Ozone Concentration Trends
Health Indicators Asthma Rates Traffic Fatalities
Results and Conclusion

II. Executive Summary

This paper serves as an addendum to the previously existing Transit Oriented Development in the Triangle Region report compiled by the Triangle J Council of Governments. It analyzes the impacts of light rail transit in regions that are comparable to the Triangle Region (as defined by the region surrounding Duke to NC State to UNC). This study focuses on the effects of Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) as a result of light rail implementation. Additionally, we examine how light rail impacts the following sub-categories: environment, economic, and health indices. These indices shape our assessment of whether or not light rail is a worthwhile investment in the Triangle Region. In order to enable politicians to make the best decisions regarding light rail, we provide a comprehensive analysis of peer corridors that are similar to the Triangle Region. Based on population growth projections for the Triangle Region, we find it necessary to offset the corresponding increases in traffic rates and the detrimental health effects that are associated with this growth of automobile usage. We found that building a light rail transit system generates additional tax revenues from increased property values and spending at commercial centers - associated with increased access to these businesses. However, there are clear economic costs associated with implementing light rail line system; aside…...

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