Changing Our Lives

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Assignment #4: “Changing Our Lives” Introduction, Conclusion, and Title
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ENG 090- Writing Fundamentals
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Sample Student Essay -- Introduction, Conclusion, and Title Believing in Myself: Forging a Path to College [TITLE] [INTRODUCTION] Picture this: a girl from a small town in Michigan sits at the kitchen table and tries to work on her spelling homework. [BEGINNING]Her brothers and sisters are running around, and her mom is trying to cook dinner. Her dad moved to another city, and she wonders if she will even make it through high school with all these distractions. That girl was me. Thankfully, I did make it through high school, but I put off college for 20 years![INTRODUCING THE SUBJECT] I have now chosen to go to college at this juncture in my life because of financial, personal, and emotional reasons. [THESIS STATEMENT] [CONCLUSION] To sum up, I decided to enroll at Strayer University for financial, personal, and emotional reasons. [CONCLUSION TOPIC SENTENCE, WHICH RESTATES THE THESIS OF THE ESSAY.] I think these are valid and strong reasons, and they keep me going every day. The thought of being my own boss, earning a degree, and believing in my ability to learn (despite my dyslexia) is so exciting. [SUPPORTING SENTENCES] Therefore, I can become the person I want to be. [SUPPORTING SENTENCES] Lastly, I plan to revise this essay and save it so that I can print it out on my graduation day! [CONCLUDING SENTENCE, CLOSING WITH A MEMORABLE…...

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...Assignment 2 Changing Our Lives Essay changing our lives essays Alicia Carter Instructor: LaRuth Ensley ENG 090 10-22-2012 Changing Our Lives Essay We all want success, money, and happiness right? Would a college education not be the key to having all of those things? Returning to school now would ensure that I could have money, with a successful job and happiness in the gratification of completing my degree, all the while, setting a stellar example for my daughter, making my family proud and allowing me the opportunity to obtain a college degree. All of this is essential positive things to add to this journey called life. I was once the young high school graduate with bright eyes and a promising future going to college. I enrolled in a large local University and started my journey to arming myself with the necessary tools to have a stellar career. After the initial shock of freedom and adulthood, two years later, I found myself socially at the top of my game, but educationally the dean had placed me the former 3.8 high school student on academic probation. I was now struggling to make the grade in college. I now know that I was not focused, or driven, my priorities were not intact and the entire long-term goal to me was just a fleeting futuristic challenge. The importance of college had not set in and therefore it appeared I was paying to go to school to become a better social butterfly. My parents did not seem to find the importance of that......

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...tyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Changing Our Lives Possessing true beauty 4/13/2013 By. Renee Evans | Changing Our Lives By, Renee Evans To change the lives of others is to first better ones self at the art of persuasion. Plant yourself to a focus that can form a change within heart, mind, body and soul, whether for the good or the bad. In order to change the world first you have to change yourself. Change is inevitable, it’s up to you to create it and or be a part of the worse or better tomorrow. Do you want to be truly beautiful? True beauty should be based off of creating change within peoples’ lives. Let us be motivators and inspirers so we can create a world full of people who have the potential to lead. Change for the Good to create a positive world. I believe that enhancing your education is one of the ways to create change, a change that starts within we the people. I began to go to college at this time in my life because I was tired of not being about change. I failed to create change within my personal life and in the lives of others. I wanted to help inspire and motivate people, but I didn’t make sense when I spoke; therefore I often left people confused about me and my statements. I was so shameful, embarrassed and hurt....

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...Assignment #7: “Changing Our Lives” Final Essay Samantha Howard ENG 090- Writing Fundamentals Professor Amanda Crane December 12, 2014 Better Late, Than Never! I have dreamed of the day I would earn my college degree since I was in the 1st grade. Though my career choice varied with age, my desire to be successful has remained constant. Unfortunately, I allowed seven long years to pass by before continuing my education. My fear of failing to choose the best career path and right school for me are a couple of reasons I procrastinated for so long. Ultimately, I made the decision to go to college at this point in my life to finally obtain career satisfaction, financial security, and self-fulfillment. Firstly, I envision myself employed with a successful business firm with aspirations of starting my own business when I graduate from college. I have always wanted to open an upscale salon and spa in a big city, such as New York City. I believe that having my own business will help me enjoy my job, take control of all aspects of the company, and gain personal growth. Many times, it can be difficult to co-exist alongside some co-workers and managers. I have often found myself, “faking it, until I make it.” Most jobs are tolerable, but I think they should, also, be enjoyable. Taking the entrepreneur route will, essentially, give my profession more meaning to me. Next, it is important to me to finish my college education and earn my degree, in order to provide a stable......

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...Assignment #4: “Changing Our Lives” Body Paragraph’s Tyrondia Adams Eng 090- Writing Fundamentals Professor Clark November 14, 2015 [BODY PARAGRAPH 1] To start, providing for family is very important to me. I’m currently unemployed at the moment, I receive child warfare every month on the 1st. My child father works and attends Vatterott College. However, not having a job is a big problem in my life right. It’s hard taking care of my son without a job. I don’t want my child’s father being the only one who buys our child things. I want to be able to help him, or pick up the slack. I also, want to help with the bills, putting food on the table, and clothes on our back. I want to return the favor to my child father I want to take care of him like he have been taking care of me. I want for us both to be financially stable. We both should be able to make ends meet. [BODY PARAGRAPH 2] Furthermore, my son is another reason why I wanted to attend college at this juncture in my life. I want to be the one who sets examples for him. My son is literally my life, my everything, he’s my world and I don’t want him to want for anything. I want him to understand that school is the only way for him to be successful legally. I want to be his role model, but in order for him to look up to me, I have to continue to attend school, stay on task, and stay focus. Specifically, I have to be dedicated so that he will be dedicated. When he grow up I don’t want him thinking that the streets,...

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...Changing Our Lives Flora Thomas Professor Renee Pistone Eng. 090 Fundamentals of Writing 05/30/2016 “Changing our lives” My main reason for returning to college is to change my life financially, emotionally and to advance in my career in the healthcare field. I have been in the healthcare field for over 20 yrs. I have endured many mediocre jobs and salaries,while trying to advance in my career. I have had so many obstacles put before me. But by the grace of god I found Strayer University. I have a long struggle ahead of me but, in the end the success will not only change my life but others as well. My kids helped me a lot in this decision, they also made sure I applied for financial aide, but I still had to borrow for other funds. Moreover, emotionally I was ready to advance in my career, but I still needed a degree. I tried other schools, but they were very expensive and they were very skeptical about transferring my credits. Strayer put me on the right path and I just feel my emotional turmoil is over. They took the time to listen to my needs and reassured me that I was in the right place. I have a good feeling about my future, and it’s all because God has pointed me in the right direction. I feel that everything is looking up right now. I am moving forward with the best intention. My life is headed in the right direction. I am taking my journey one step at a time; My studies are coming along just fine. Eventhough I have a full-time job. I......

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...Changing Our Lives Atal Neupane Strayer University Fundamentals of Writing Assignment 2.1: Changing Our Lives Draft August 06, 2012 Dr. Ras Tsidi Acolatse Changing Our Lives I changed my life in so many ways, but the most important thing that I have changed was my education. I almost do not go back to school around three years. I was too busy on working that I totally forgot to continue my education. I decided to go back to school to further my education by attending Strayer University because my goal is to become a software programmer. At Strayer University, they have BS in Information Systems and Technology and have MOAC labs where I can work live Microsoft system using cloud technology. So, I preferred continue my education at this very convenient Strayer University. I know that getting to class is half the battle, especially for me because I work full time. Strayer University is the one that offers many options so working students like me can fit continuing education in a busy life. Even in my busy schedule, I can take classes at one of the conveniently located campus or combine online learning with campus classes, whenever, wherever, and however that works best. They scheduled the classes during evening and weekend hours. They are strategically located to be easily accessible within some city and some in the suburbs too. Almost every student in Strayer University works so, I found it to become more comfortable with classmate. In today’s business world, a......

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