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Changing Nature of Work and Implications for Managers

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Topic: Changing nature of work and implications for managers

For this paper, we begin by looking at the definition of Organisation Behaviour with a focus on job satisfaction and motivation; and see how these two workplace behaviours apply to the employees at
Tesla Motors and BMW Group. Furthermore, we determine the implications for managers as a result of the changes in the workplace. Finally, we finish off with a conclusion that allows us to ponder over the changes or adapt to the changes.
According to Robbins and Judge (2012, p. 26), Organisation Behaviour or OB ‘is the study of what people do in an organisation and how their behaviour affects the organisation’s performance’. Moreover, we cover the definitions of job satisfaction and motivation. Robbins and Judge (2012, p. 40) described job satisfaction as ‘a positive feeling about a job, resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics’ while motivation is described ‘as the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal’ (Robbins and Judge 2012, p. 96). Let us now look at the two companies and see how they relate to these definitions.
Tesla Motors
According to Tesla Motors (2016), the employees work in small, focused teams that are agile, efficient and focused on excellence. The pace is fast, the work is stimulating, structure is limited and innovation is expected. This statement is validated after watching a video on Youtube (2016) about what people talk about work at Tesla? For instance, John from Battery Systems describes the site as beautiful compared to a normal car factory; Aditi from Testing and Validation talks about the open plan setting where people are sitting together regardless of their expertise and working together on coming up with single solutions; Joe from Retail Development finds it fun to…...

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