Champ's Sales and Inventory System

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Champ’s Sales and Inventory System

A Project Presented to the
Faculty of College
St Michael’s College
Iligan City

In partial fulfillment of the Requirements
For Software Engineering


Albritz B. Centural

March 2016

Chapter 1

Nowadays all establishment are becoming modernized, they use modern technologies to make their transaction fast, easy, and accurate in order to avoid waste of time and for the sake of safety and security. It also helps human to solve and understand complex problem and analysis such us the computational need of humans. Especially to business establishment or corporation processing enormous data and complex transaction.
The system is designed for the enhancement of the current Champs sales and inventory system. It includes the features that can add products, Stock reports, Inventory and the Sales of the store.
With this, the researcher wants to propose Champ’s Convinience store sales and inventory System. With the proposed system the Store will have a system capable of there Sales and inventory of their products. 1.2 Statement of the Problem
This study seeks to give essential solution to the following problems: *

1.3 Objective of the Study
The objectives of the study are the following:
1.4 Scope and limitations of the Study
Limitation * Only the admin can add the products.
1.5 Significance of the Study
Employees. This study can discipline employees in a store and develop employees’ ability to act like a professional in their discipline.
Company. This study will help to build an effective relationship between admin and staffs.
Manager. a person who controls and manipulates resources and expenditures, as of a household.
Future researcher. This proposed study will benefits and help future researcher as their guide…...

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