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Challenges of Teaching Students with Ebd

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Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD
Toni Parkes
GCU: SPE 513
July 22, 2015

Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD Education is one of the most significant factors of life for everyone. It lays the foundation for intellectual development and plays an important role in shaping students’ futures. Many students would rate their school experience as positive. Others would disagree. There is a small percentage of students struggle daily, exhibiting severe behaviors which impede their ability to function in a school setting. They display delays in their learning and often require a different approach to their learning. These students have been identified as having emotional and behavioral disorders. They require intensive interventions to help manage and remediate their behavior. These students have the most challenging behaviors, they are often emotionally unstable, and oppositional in most situations where change is involved. Students with EBD are served in a variety of settings including the regular classroom. They encounter academic challenges and can pose as a potential threat to the teachers and their peers. It is important for educators to know and understand the rights of the students with EBD in their classrooms. They also need to research and implement effective strategies to use with the students. To best meet all the needs of the student, schools should create a special education team consisting of a special education teacher, regular education teacher, administrator, and parent. Each person is connected to the student in a different way and can provide insight on intervention and prevention. This paper will discuss and summarize the definitions and challenges of EBD, comparing and contrasting the experiences of a special education team versus research. The special education team consisted of a special education teacher, Sherri Wakefield.…...

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