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(I). Acts are judged by their goals and purposes (Al Umuru Bimaqasidiha(
Evidence of the maxim
This maxim has its origin from the Hadith of the prophet (S.A.W) which said that "deeds are judged by intentions and every person is judged according to his intentions". This Hadith stated that all deeds are judged according to intention. The legal implications of certain deeds are also based on the intention . Another Hadith narrated by Anas (R.A) the prophet ( S.A.W) is reported to have said " there is no deeds to those who have no intention". According to the general meaning of the maxim , intention refers to the will directed towards an action, or the direction of the will towards the action of any human being. Some scholars have said that this maxim has implications for at least seventy different branches of knowledge while others have said about this Hadith that it comprises a third of all knowledge.
Intention plays an important role in all actions of human beings. The element of intent often plays a crucial role in differentiating between a custom or a personal habit ( Ibadah and ‘Adah). Some actions can be considered as personal habits if the action performed without the proper intention to do it as a form of Ibadah. If a person refrains from eating and drinking from dawn until sunset without having the intention of fasting , the person is not considered as fasting . This action is mere ‘Adah and will not be rewarded . the same action if done with the intention of fasting , it will be considered as Ibadah and will be rewarded. The other role of Niyyah is to differentiate between one kind of Ibadah and another , example in prayer , fasting and hajj, there are different kinds if Ibadah such as compulsory , highly recommended , Nazar and others. therefore a person should specify the kind of Ibadah he intends to perform whether it is compulsory or otherwise .…...

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