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Executive Proposal
CMIT 321
Certified Ethical Hacking
Kowaine Baker
University of Maryland University College

Executive Proposal
The Solarwinds software was developed to assist in management and addressing of security exploits, real-time network health and change management among other areas of today’s ever changing Information Technology (IT) data environment. This software assists the security manager in safeguarding vital business data through the compilation of network device information and real-time awareness of network health, firewall configuration and patch management with deployment. The software is modular and can be configured to meet the needs of the organization in which it supports while minimizing service interruptions which lead to the loss of productivity. Solarwinds offers a multitude of modules that range from configuration management to help desk trend analysis and firewall management. This is a non-platform dependent software solution which can manage firewalls and devices for proper patch management. This solution can be configured by the most novice IT professional while not breaking the bank. Its scalability can support anywhere from 10 users to many hundred users.
The Solarwinds software solution can be a great addition to any network security solution. The benefits you will be getting from this software cover a large spectrum of security hardening techniques from the firewall configuration and management to end user patch management. Solarwinds modularity contributes to its capability to fulfill many security requirements. Solarwinds offers a scalable security information and events manager (SIEM) console module. The SIEM module will enhance the capability to maintain real-time situational awareness through alerts and active monitoring. It will allow the prioritization, management and response to security incidents in a manner…...

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