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There is male and female person who think that rape is as a result of women who dress indecently or who would have wanted to have sex with a person, but who may change their mind at the last minute. This then forces the male to force sex on the female. These two people are against the idea of people carrying out demonstrations against rape, since they believe that the reason why men rape is due to the provocations way in which ladies dress or portray themselves.
Given the above situation where I have to respond, I would come up with varying points which I think cause men to rape women. The first thing I have to emphasize is that rape comes about as a result of various reasons, based on the unique circumstances and nature of the rapists. There is no one explanation of rape that applies to all.
Firstly I concur that one of the reasons that may lead to rape is the indecent dressing by women. If women wear dresses that reveal their private parts or that reveals parts that are deemed to arouse sexual feelings then that may be a potential cause of rape. I would emphasize that how provocative women are believed to be depends on the cultural context in which the rape occurs. In my country, women used to wear long dresses that cover the person’s legs below the knees and the women’s breasts are not to be exposed. If now some women start wearing very short dresses now called mini-skirts that may assist in arousing men’s sexual feelings. Exposed breasts and exposed thighs and hips may provoke men sexually, since they grew up without being exposed to such scenarios. That is however different from most western countries, where the ladies dresses could expose their body parts from young age. The boys grow up witnessing such scenes, and that can not provoke them sexually.
Apart from the above reason, which is very…...

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